Sunday, July 11, 2010

Assignment Twelve

Ms. Cassidy's use for technology in the classroom is wonderful. It is great that she implements technology in her students at an early age. All of the techniques used will benefit learning at any age, but the one techniques she uses that I like best is Skype. I think Skype would be the best technique used in my classroom because of several reasons. One would be it has the least obstructions concerning it. In today's most school systems are faced with a budget crisis. As nice as it sounds the reality of having a classroom full of computers for each individual student is not likely; however, to use Skype you only need one computer, an overhead projector, and internet access. These three things can be found in most classrooms. Using Skype for guess speakers and virtual fieldtrips will benefit the students. There are federal grants available to help teachers stock their classrooms with computers.


  1. I also think Skype would be an excellent tool to use in my class. It is such a great way to connect kids to experts in various fields who know way more than we do. I agree that it is inexpensive and should be accessible for any classroom. I will definitely want to use it in my classroom.
    Ya'lls Smartboard video is hysterical! I love it.

  2. Ashley,
    I totally agree with you on using Skype in your classroom and it being beneficial and less expensive for you. You know how the school system is with lack of supplies for teacher! So you are already thinking on your toes!! Good Post!!