Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Blog Post

Where do I even start to begin? Okay before the first class I honestly did not know what to think. All I knew was that I needed to prepare myself for a heavy work load. When starting the class I knew a little about computers and technology, but now I know a whole lot more. I can now add a link to anything that I want, I can add ALT and TITLE tags on pictures (thanks to Martha Yim's cheat sheet), I know how to use all different types of websites that are really helpful like screenjelly and screentoaster .

Advice for any student taking this class next semester would be to stay on top of all the assignments. It could be challenging to catch back up with all of your other work when you have other projects going on. Some of my favorite teachers to follow and blogs that I read were Karl Fisch , Joe McClung and Michael Wesch . Another person that was very inspirational to was Randy Pausch. I would recommend watching Randy Pausch's Last Lecture . I would also advise anyone new to make their PLN (personal learning network) as soon as possible. It makes everything so much easier to follow and helps keep you very organized. I like to use netvibes , but it is all a personal preference. Netvibes was very easy to use. I would tell anyone coming in to this EDM 310 class that google is a lifesaver. It answers everything that you need to be answered. Do not sit back and wait for someone to give the answer to you. Google it and see what you get and then if you can not get the answer then ask. You would be really surprised at how many answers you can actually get from google.

EDM 310 has been so much fun and a major brainwave. I never really thought about blogging until this class because it was not optional you had to do it. It has brought many opportunities to the table. I have leaned about so many tools that I can use one day when I become a teacher. I think that now I will use more technology in the class when I become a teacher. Technology is a very important feature in our students upcoming years. Overall I think that I stayed on top of all of my class work considering that I had six other classes. This was a great experience that I will keep for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Strange, Mr. Tashbin, Mr. Sullivan, Jamie Lynn Miller, and Anthony Capps.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Comments 4 Kids-Alba Middle School

My comment:
My name is Ashley Johnson and I am In Dr.Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. The bet the kids had so much fun making this video. Using technology with these kids is great. Good Job!

My comment:
Great video! Very touching story! Thank you for sharing your feelings. I pray that everything gets better.

C4C Twelve

Laura Butler
Laura the smartboard presentation that you all did was very neat! Kids love learning about those kinds of things. Good Job!

Pauline Brown
Pauline I agree with you. If we get all of these "fancy" gadgets in the classroom it will take away from the teachers respect in knowledge and wisdom. Good Job!

Martha Yim
I enjoyed reading your post. I also think that Ms.Cassidy is great in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy states that we are handicapping children by not teaching them technology. I think that this is true. Children need to know about technology because it is everywhere in schools. Good Job!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mr. McClung Reflects on Year 2
Mr. McClung's year two post was great. It had many interesting thoughts in it. It really makes you think of how you want your future to be. His blogs motivate me to become a better teacher. He makes everything very simple and understandable. I have enjoyed reading Mr.McClung reflection on year two.

M-Cubed:ISTE Presentation video was enjoyable to watch. All of the kids are super excited to learn. Trying to make everything fun is the best way for students to work because they do not think of it as "learning" they think it is fun. I hope to do these kinds of things in my class. I enjoyed watching this video.

The next video I watched was how to change a shape of a model maker. There are so many possibilities with the different choices in a lesson like this. You have to be creative. It seems very easy to do and also seems like a lot of fun for students.

Viewing a 3D Shape's Properties
This video has many different features that you can use. When looking at a 3D shape you can look up many different terms for each model they choose. I think that the kids will have a reat time exploring and finding out things that they can do.

Creating Shapes
This video helps students learn how to make shapes. Students will love to make their own individual shape. They can also incorporate creativity in this. It was very easy for the students to follow.

Using this in the classroom is great. Kids will have so much fun choosing what they are going o make. They can choose the color, shape, and size. The kids can even print it when they are finished making it. They will be excited that they have made something on their own. This is very fun. I enjoyed watching all of these videos and I think that they all can be very helpful in a class.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Google Forms

Final Thoughts On PLN

My PLN has been made through netvibes. I though that this was a wonderful thing to make and keep up with. I also have some of my blogs and websites that I follow on my blog. Some include: Mr.McClung's World, EDM 310 Class Blog, Have Fun Teaching, and Teach Web. The blogs and websites that I follow are very interesting. It is teachers that talk about what their experiences are as a teacher and also things that will help when I become a teacher. My PLN has made everything so much easier to follow and it has helped me stay organized. I think that netvibes is a very useful and is very easy to use. You should try it if you do not already have a PLN (personal learning network). It has given me so many opportunities. I hope to keep my PLN active even after EDM 310.

Monday, July 12, 2010

How to Use a Compass

There are a few features on your compass that you should become familiar:
  • Orienting arrow
  • Compass Housing with Degree Dial
  • The red magnetic needle
  • The base plate edge
  • Orienting Lines
  • Direction of Travel Arrow
  • Index Line

  • If you measure the exact direction to a distant landmark, that specific direction will keep you traveling toward the landmark even when you can't see it.
  • Don't confuse the north end of the compass needle with the south end.
  • Compass
    Does your life lack direction?

    Things You Will Need:
    • Map
    • Base Plate Compass

    Step One:
    Open map and find your current position, and desired destination.

    Step Two: Place your compass base plate edge on the map so it connects the distance between your Position Landmark and Destination Landmark.

    Step Three: Turn the dial so that the orienting lines on the transparent bottom are parallel with the North - South grid lines on the map.

    Step Four: Turn your compass together with the map until the red needle points to 'N' (North).

    Step Five:
    Hike to your destination - it is located in the direction that the compass arrow is pointing.

  • If you measure the exact direction to a distant landmark, that specific direction will keep you traveling toward the landmark even when you can't see it.
  • Don't confuse the north end of the compass needle with the south end.

  • Step 2

    Rotate the entire compass housing until the needle sits within the orienting arrow stenciled onto the base of the compass housing. (Usually the orienting arrow is red.) The zero degree mark on the compass housing and the north end of the needle should be aligned - they now point to magnetic north.

  • Step 3

    Keep the orienting arrow and the compass needle pointing north. Twist the base plate until the direction-of-travel line points exactly at the distant landmark you wish to move toward. Double-check to make sure everything is still properly aligned.

  • Step 4

    Note the exact number of degrees marked on the compass dial where the direction-of-travel line intersects the compass dial. That number of degrees is the direction to the distant landmark.

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    Assignment Twelve

    Ms. Cassidy's use for technology in the classroom is wonderful. It is great that she implements technology in her students at an early age. All of the techniques used will benefit learning at any age, but the one techniques she uses that I like best is Skype. I think Skype would be the best technique used in my classroom because of several reasons. One would be it has the least obstructions concerning it. In today's most school systems are faced with a budget crisis. As nice as it sounds the reality of having a classroom full of computers for each individual student is not likely; however, to use Skype you only need one computer, an overhead projector, and internet access. These three things can be found in most classrooms. Using Skype for guess speakers and virtual fieldtrips will benefit the students. There are federal grants available to help teachers stock their classrooms with computers.

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    C4K (Assignment 4)

    My name is Ashley Johnson, and I am in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I love the creativity in all of your videos. Metalloids & Semi-Conductors in Plain English was a very informative video. I know know that we have poison in our body. That is something that I did not know. I think that these videos were great! Keep up the good work!

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    Assignment Eleven

    Welcome To My PLE!

    I love the symbaloo that she used. I think that her PLE is really good. She was very organized with the way her symbaloo page was set up. I think that this website can be very useful. I an using netvibes to make my PLN(Personal Learning Network) . It is very similar to symbaloo. In your PLN you can put anything that you want becuase it is what you want to follow. I do not have as many contacts on my PLN as she does, but I will over time.

    Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

    I never thought about it, but Mrs. Lewis was right when she told President Kennedy "a great man is a sentence." To have a sentence is like having a purpose in life. It shows people what you have done and what you are trying to do. The question that stood out to me at the end of the video was "am i better today than I was yesterday?" As educators it is important to ask ourselves this every night so that we can be the best teachers possible for our students. My sentence would be:
    I try to make everyone smile.
    I chose this sentence because I like to make people smile and I feel no matter how bad the situation or how bad someone feels a smile can make things better.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    C4K (Assignment 3)

    Mr. McClung's World: Rub Some Dirt On It
    Hi Mr. McClung,

    My name is Ashley Johnson and I am part of Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I was assigned to read this blog as part of an assignment.

    This is such a great project for the students. It teaches them how plants grow in certain soil, as well as different depths. I know the kids will enjoy it. When I was in school i remember doing a project similar to this, but we used Lima beans and placed them in different parts of the room to see which one grew the best. For example, we put one by the window, one on the filing cabinet on the opposite side of the room, and one in a dark closet. Of all the projects I did in school this one has stuck with me through the years.


    Rub Some Dirt On It

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    Assignment Ten

    An Open Letter To Educators
    Morgan Bayda: An Open Letter to Educators
    I understand the point that Morgan Bayda and Dan Brown are trying to get across because I, too, feel like all i do in some classes is remember facts. I do not think that I would ever drop out of college, but I could get more out of some classes than learning how to memorize information for a mid-term and final. Here at South Alabama all of my classes have been relatively small with the number of students between 20-40 students. This is one plus for South Alabama because all my professors can learn the names about most of their students.

    This EDm 310 class is one of the only classes where i have really gotten a true "hands on" approach on my assignments. With the world revolving to be more technologically sound, it seems as if every other aspect is evolving with it except for education. It is time for education to evolve with technology beside the occasional Blackboard and Smartboard. When I have my own class I plan on using technology as best I can.

    There are many great websites available on the Internet to assist with education. Two of the most popular ones are the Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) website and the Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide (ACCESS). I really enjoyed browsing these websites and I can see myself using them when I become and educator.

    ALEX was designed to assist teachers mainly in the state of Alabama. There are many ways for teachers around the state to communicate with each other and share their ideas. I like that you can look at the Alabama State Course of Study for any subject in any grade level. Also, you can look up lesson plans for any subject and any grade level. The feature I liked the best is ALEXville. Here you can listen to ALEX podcasts and you can watch the ALEX tech channel. The podcasts teaches the basics of creating and using podcasts in the classroom. The Tech Channel shows teachers a variety of "hands on" lessons on how to integrate technolgy in the classroom. These items will help make our classrooms better, as well as teach the students how to use technology.

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    Assignment Nine

    "What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung

    In Mr. McClung's blog there were many things that I strongly agreed with. His comments about some teachers not making their lesson plans student centered could not be more true. many lesson plans are made to make the teacher look good. We as teachers are not here for anybody but the students. As teachers we also must be very flexible because many of the lessons we create have to be modified in order to accommodate every student. I also believe that communication is a vital part to be a teacher. We must communicate with each other and share ideas so that every student is reached. We also need to be lifelong learners. there are always new ideas and new strategies becoming available and we must learn them so we can make sure every student receives the proper education.

    C4T (Week 4,5,6)

    It Is All About Hard Work

    Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. I am taking EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I was assigned to follow your blog for the next three weeks and I will be summarizing them in a post on my blog for my class. Here is a link to my blog page My Blog .

    Dear Hadley,
    I agree with you 100% about trying to get our students to work hard. In today’s world the students that we are teaching have always had home computers and many of them do not even know what the inside of a library looks like. Many students today do not have any patience and why should they with all the gadgets like iPods and laptops available to them? As great as these gadgets are in aiding education many people use them as a distraction from their education. I like your idea about timing the students to see how long that they can focus on particular task. I am willing to bet many of them will not last long. The first time their cell phone “dings” they will instantly check their text message.

    To Blog or Not to Blog?

    I think that this is great. Blogging is a great way for educators to share their insights with teaching. It can help become a better teacher. Teachers should choose their words wisely when blogging. Do not put too much information about personal life. If you decide to talk about a child do not be mean or harsh because if you put it on the internet the whole world will see. Be honest in what you post.

    So Just What is A PLN?

    Great Post! I thought your blog about PLN’s was very interesting. You made some really great points. I agree that a PLN can be about building a community. It is what you want it to be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Sunday, June 27, 2010

    Assignment Eight

    Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

    I thoroughly enjoyed Randy Pausch's last lecture on achieving your childhood dreams. This is a man who has devoted his entire life to helping others achieve their dreams. What stuck out to me were the two ways that he based his life on: live your life like a child because it keeps the drive in you and always help others. I believe this is a very good quote to base your life on.

    Another thing I found amazing was his outlook on life. Here is a man who has a few months to live and all he can talk about is having fun. He did not want people to feel sorry for him. He tried to make all of his lessons and assignments fun first, and it would make learning for the students more enjoyable.

    Randy Pausch achieved all of his childhood dreams, with the exception of altering a couple. When he first listed his childhood dreams I did not think that he would be able to achieve them. He proved any dream can be possible, but you need help from friends, family, mentors, and colleagues. Another thing he mentioned that really made me think was his comment about the brick walls. Brick walls are not meant to keep us from achieving out goals, but to show us how badly we want them and to keep those out who do not want it badly out.

    Randy Pausch is a very remarkable educator, as well as a person. He showed his students that he really cared and that is the most important thing in education. He always put others before himself. Even when he was giving his last lecture he took the spotlight off himself and out it on his wife because it was her birthday. The end made me want to cry because his lecture was not geared toward leading yourself into the right direction, but to teach a lesson on how to live to his children. If we had more people like Mr. Pausch the world would be a much better place.

    Educational Timeline on Wars

    C4K (Assignment 2)

    Hi Room 13,
    Rugby looks like a lot of fun! I would like to learn how to play. You all look like you got quite a workout. This looks like a great break from school work.

    Here is a link to the students page in Miss Walters class. Miss Walters Class learning Rugby Skills

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Mac vs PC

    The best podcast ever!

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Assignment Seven

    This is How We Dream
    I do believe that as we evolve as a society that out traditional looks are starting to disappear. Mr. Miller hit the nail on the head when he said he could write an entire presentation without ever stepping a foot in a library. We have the entire world at the end of out fingertips and information that use to take hours to research to find can now be found in 0.81 seconds on Google.

    Another point he made that I strongly agree with is his statement that as educators we need to share on ideas freely and what better way than on the internet for others to view. As educators we should want to teach, not only students but, others as well. We, too, should never want to stop learning either. The more we learn the better educators we can become. We can learn things such as new ideas and strategies from other educators through the internet.

    Richard Miller said that the restrictions and limitations we put on ourselves as educators are only what we make them. Things we thought were impossible dreams as recent as a few decades ago are the morn today. I think it will be possible for educators, as well as students, to write with multimedia.

    The Networked Student
    The networked classroom is something I think is going to change education. Students will be able to do virtually anything and everything from their home computer. With programs such as iTunesU students are able to listen to lectures via podcast from not only their own professor, but any professor around the world.

    A networked student can post information and assignments on his blog and also comment on other blogs. All the information that is found and posted is there for the world, including his professor, to see. In the future other students who are studying the same subjects can access his blog and learn all the information and ideas he has posted. It is a never ending cycle of learning.

    During the video I did not hear a lot about the teachers role until the end and I was wondering how it would effect educators. I believe educators will always be around no matter what technology is developed. Someone has to teach students how to do all these things like build the network, guide him through it, and siphon the valid information. Without teachers nothing else in this world is possible.

    Toward A New Future
    I did not realize until Mr. Wesch brought it to my attention how today's generation are the most confident and the most miserable ever. He says it is because they feel they are "stars" and when they fall short of their dream the become depressed. I think part of the problem is the media. They show them what is "cool" and "uncool." It also teaches them failure is not acceptable. What it does not tell them is most of the time the biggest "stars" have failed more than most people combined. It seems to me the problem is not the technology, but rather what we do with this technology. Only we can make this change.

    Personal Learning Network (PLN)

    Here are some of my main tools that I have started in my Personal Learning Network. The majority of my networks are located in Google Reader.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    C4K (Assignment 1)

    Dear 2KM,
    Thank you for sharing your “Smories.” I have never heard of Flickr and I think the five card process is really neat!

    Clancy, your story was awesome and very creative! What did John name his dog? Was it a big dog?

    Tom, your story was fantastic! I wish I could create a story as good as yours. What was Dylan’s dad doing at the castle? Was he talking to the king?

    I look forward to reading more posts. Keep up the good work!

    Here is a link to their page if you want to check it out 2KM @ Leopold Primary School

    I had Leopold Primary School (2KM) for my first C4K!! They were a wonderful class to explore. The kids did fantastic on blogging. I think Miss McGready does a wonderful job in her class. When I first looked at their website, I thought it was full of energy and I did not know where to begin! I think it is great for students to be involved with their class. The videos that the children do are so interesting.

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Assignment Six

    Critiques of Smartboards
    Interactive Whiteboard and Classroom Guru is a blog I found that list many different ways Interactive Whiteboards can be used in the classroom. Many schools are having Smartboards installed in classrooms, including the University of South Alabama. I have heard nothing but positive things about Smartboards until I read Why Smartboards Are A Dumb Initiative and Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards . These post bring up very valid point. They say Smartboards are great because they are interactive. However, they also state nothing more than a glorified overhead projector.

    I believe Smartboards are a great tool in the classrooms despite their high price. There are many other ways Smartboards can be used other than those listed by the blogs (i.e. the markers can be used to add notes to the current display). Students can create assignments and present it to the class. With a Smartboard they can navigate the presentation without taking the chance of them fouling up the computer.

    It is kinda funny this assignment deals with Smartboards because just a few days ago I spoke with a local Elementary School Principal about this subject. She is currently adding Smartboards in all 70 of her classrooms. I asked her why she would spend so much money on Smartboards. She told me there are many useful ways a Smartboard can be incorporated into a lesson. She also brought to my attention a factor that many people do not know or think about. A few of her teachers received grants in which the money must be spent on Smartboards and if they did not accept the grant the money would all go to waste. So when people ask the question "why waste that much money for a glorified overhead projector" my answer would be "because if they didn't they money would go to waste."

    The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies

    These videos were very funny. After watching them many different ideas came to mind. If I had to create a video I would be interested in creating one about technology in the classroom and how much it had changed just within the past decade. Also, I would add the fact there are some teachers who do not believe technology is important in the classroom today.


    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Why I Want To Become A Teacher Using ScreenToaster

    Timetoast Timeline (Family Births)

    Assignment Five

    Eagle Nest Radio
    I really enjoyed listening to Mrs. "E's" third grade class and their podcast. I like how she incorporates technology into a variety of subjects. I also like how it is broken down into a news cast theme with different students reporting on different subjects on a particular topic.

    My favorite was the podcast titled, "Roamin' with the Ancient Romans." Not only did the students have to research and write about the Roman civilization, but they created a podcast about it. Mrs. "E" encourages her students creativity even more by having them dress the part. One thing I really liked after browsing the website was how the blogging rules were posted at the top of the page.

    Integrating ICT into the MFl Classroom
    Podcasting is a great way for teachers to get information to students and parents. It would not take much work for a teacher to record a lecture and upload it to the school's website. If a student is sick they could access the school's website and listen to the lectures they missed. Also, if a student is studying for a test or doing homework and become confused or unclear about a topic they can listen to the podcast for a better understanding.

    One thing I did not realize was how long podcast have been around, and just how popular the iPod made them. The only thing better than a podcast is a vodcast, which is like a podcast with video. Teachers can upload labs onto vodcast for students. The possibilities with podcasts are endless.

    100 Ways To Use Your iPod To Learn
    I knew there were many different things an iPod could do, and I also knew there were a million podcasts available. I never knew, though, there were so many available to assist with education. There is a podcast available for the iPod that assists with Spanish. It is called "iPod Spanish to go." Another podcast I really liked is called "Brain Quest." It is an educational game for grades 1-7, so even elementary and middle school students can learn on the iPod.

    I have a sister who is in nursing school and she had a professor tell her about the podcast called "Stedman's Medical Terminology Flash Card," which is flash cards used to study medical terminology. It is good to see other teacher's using technology such as podcasts to help students. There is a podcast for all ages. What better way to introduce your "little one" to technology than have subscribe to the Sesame Street podcast?

    The Education Podcasting Network
    I found myself browsing through all the different blogs and podcast on The Education Podcasting Network for well over an hour. There are so many teachers who do have podcasts. I am glad to see there are people in education who do care enough about incorporating technology in their classrooms as early as kindergarten.

    I am also very happy to see there is a network for anyone and everyone to share their educational podcasts. This can be very useful in the classroom for those just beginning and experts. I plan on using this site, as well as creating podcasts, with my students one day.

    Wow! I think this is awesome! It is great that students are creating podcasts. I know some high school technology teachers who do not give their students assignments anywhere near this caliber. From browsing through the websites it looks as if the teachers, as well as their classes, have a bunch of nice blogs and podcasts.

    If technology like this can be incorporated and taught to students as young as 5-10 years old, then anyone, young or old, should be able to learn it. I wish more teachers did things like this. Not only are they learning regular subjects like History and Science, but they are learning the technological tools that will give them a head start when they enter "the real world."

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    Google Presentation

    Assignment Four

    Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
    There is nothing like a good piece of sarcasm. I believe technology should be taught to children at an early age. Yes, the internet can be a very dangerous place thanks to online predators and solicitors. This is why it is extremely important to stress online safety to our young students. It is also true that kids will be kids and look at things they are not supposed to, like porn, but if they are being monitored properly they will not be able to. Many of the negative things in this post can easily be fixed by proper adult supervision and properly teaching online safety. You would not let your five year old kid go on a field trip to the mall unsupervised, so why would you let them get on the internet unsupervised. I am going to expose my children to the internet early, much like Mr. Scott McLeod is insinuating with his children. Mr. McLeod is an Associate Professor of Education Administration at Iowa State University. He is also the esteemed co-created of the "Did You Know? ( Shift happens)."

    The iSchool Initiative
    Every time I walk across a high school, or even the University of South Alabama's campus I cannot help but notice how many people have iPhone's or iPod touches. With today's school systems being in such shambles financially, the young man in this video has a great idea about developing the iSchool. If the iSchool became a reality it would be a great way to not only save money for each school system, but also help save out environment. I would be in favor of the iSchool.

    There are some red flags that come to mind about the iSchool. With every good thing there is to offer there are also some bad things. For example, what if a student forgets to charge his iSchool? What if his iSchool malfunctions? I guess the students would miss out on all of the assignments. There would also have to be some kind of way to keep students from playing games during lessons. This could become a very big distraction. The iSchool could become a very helpful tool in education today, but I believe there is still a few kinks to work out.

    Watch The Last Generation
    My initial thought when watching the video titled "Watch The Last Generation" was how eerily true the message was. With the way things are going in today's world I foresee a down fall of our society thanks to my generation. I do think that people in today's world are looking for a quick fix to their problems. I also feel, more and more people are putting their families on the back burner.

    The technique used to get the message across in this video really blew me away. I do not think that my generation is a loss cause. I also believe we can fix many of these problems, but we have to make a change very soon. I,for one, believe that family is the most important thing behind God. I have many friends who have strong morals and values just as I do, but there are many people out there who have their priorities all wrong.

    Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir
    Man! Now I have seen it all. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I agree with Jennifer Chambers on how it doesn't seem like a big deal until you realize that the singers have never seen or met each other. I think it is neat how someone took separate web cams of hundreds of people singing "Lux Aurumque" and made them into one virtual choir. They even had a conductor. Eric Whitaker is a virtual genius.

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    C4T (Week 1,2,3)

    The Thinking Stick
    Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. I am taking EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I was assigned to follow your blog for the next three weeks and I will be summarizing them in a post on my blog for my class on June 30th. Here is link to my class blog or my blog page is on the accomplishment of publishing your own book. I will look forward to reading it on June 15th. You are inspiring to many people in a special way. Thank You for sharing your thoughts to everyone.

    Teaching Filtered Skills Are More Important Than Ever!
    This is so true! Everyone makes their own opinion about things. It always turns out to be something different than what it really is. It is going to happen. We need to start teaching our children how to sort out the good from the awful. This "nearly now" world is a reality so we need to prepare out students for it. Thanks for the thoughts!

    803 Downloads To Cap Off A Week To Remember
    Jeff I am so glad that you had many responses to your book. I think that you have opened the eyes of many people. Thank you for sharing everything that you do! Thanks Jeff and good luck in all you do!

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Assignment Three

    Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

    When watching "A Vision of Students Today" many things race through my head. Some of the messages the students were showing bewildered me. Some of them, I believe, were accurate while others I feel were not. In today's world, where nothing can be done without technology, I find it hard to believe the average college student only spends two hours on their cell phone. I do believe, however, that in order to survive in college one must be able to multi-task. This pertains especially to those that attend the University of South Alabama.

    South is not a typical college compared to the University of Alabama or Auburn University. Unlike these schools, South is primarily composed of transient students. I have friends that have attended these other two schools and all their classes were extremely large. At South, my largest class size has been between 40 and 50 students, whereas, the video says the average number of students in their class was 115. The video also stated that only 18% of her professors knew her name. Here, all my professors know my name.

    I believe with all the new technology available to us that it is time for some of the professors to evolve with the time. Many professors still get in front of the class and lecture just like people did 100 years ago. One thing I really enjoy about my EDM 310 class is how Dr. Strange makes everything “hands on." It would be very easy for him to tell us or show us how to learn new things on the computer, such as blogging. Instead, he makes us get our hands dirty and create our own blog. Many students today want all the answers given to them. Dr. Strange tells us the assignment and it is up to us to "think outside the box" to solve our problems.

    "It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines
    I agree totally with Mrs. Hines on her view about teachers and technology. Many teachers today are set in their ways and nothing will change them. All teachers should evolve like our technology has today. Today's students do not go home and read books or play outside like they did years before. These students are coming home from school and immediately getting on the computer or playing video games. This makes it important for our teachers to use these types of technological tools to reach these students.

    With all the great technology, like ELMOs to smart boards, teachers could make learning more fun for our students. Why purchase these very expensive items if the teacher will not take the time to learn how to use them, or how to benefit from them? Not only is this a huge waste of our tax paying money, but the teacher is also cheating our students. I bet if you look at the teachers who refuse to step into our modern technological era,these are the same teachers the students do not like and think are boring.

    Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
    I strongly agree with Karl Fisch's post about teachers needing to be technologically literate. I believe with the technology we have today there is no boundaries when it comes to education. We can now take our students on a field trip anywhere in the world with a monitor, camera, and the internet. The best part is the field trips are very inexpensive and the students do not have to leave their desks.

    It is ashamed that today's world some teachers do not even know how to turn on a computer much less work one. I do not believe that it is necessary for teachers to know how to create a computer program; however, it is necessary for them to know how to operate an email account. Today, it is very easy and convenient to contact parents through email. It is like Karl Fisch said, "If a teacher is not technologically literate-and is unwilling to make the effort to learn more-it's equivalent to a teacher 30 years ago who didn't know how to read or write."

    Gary Hayes Social Media Count
    The numbers on the social media are unbelievable. One question that comes to mind is how many of those multiplying numbers are school age kids? I am sure a vast majority are! Technology has evolved so much that students no longer read books; instead, they read e-books. A student no longer has to carry a heavy bag full of books anymore. They can now carry one electronic device that will hold numerous books.

    With all this being said it is amazing that some teachers still do not feel the need to become technologically literate. This, as well as other blog post like, "Mr. Winkle Wakes" and Karl Fisch's post, proves that it is imperative for all educators to incorporate technology in their lessons. If the social media is accurate, our educators are falling behind more and more with every second that passes. It is time for all educators to step up to the plate for our future.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Assignment Two

    ashley johnson's edm310 wordle

    Did You Know?

    The video titled "Did You Know", hit me like a ton of bricks. Some of the information given was unbelievable and, in some ways, very scary. I cannot believe how rapidly some of the Asian countries are growing. It seems as if it is only a matter of time before they surpass the United States as a super-power.
    One quote that I found interesting was that the material that today's college students learn their first year will be outdated by their third year. It makes you wonder why it is even important to learn the material if it is going to be outdated before they can put it to use. It is amazing how much our technology has blossomed within the past decade. In the 1990's there were many households who did not have a computer, much less the Internet, and now everyone has it on their cell phones.
    Mr. Winkle Wakes
    The video titled "Mr. Winkle Wakes" really brought a few things to my attention. In today's world of technology everything has been made to make our lives easier. People can hold video conferences from anywhere they want, even from the comforts of their own home. There are even technological advances in medicine that can actually keep people alive.
    The one thing the I realized is how much school have not changed. With everything in today's world evolving so much, a traditional classroom has remained pretty consistent overtime. Like the video stated teachers still teach students who are lined up in perfect rows while they are taking notes.
    Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
    In the video of Sir Ken Robinson he talks about how important creativity is to children and how our schools today kill creativity. In today's society, schools discourage students from being creative. I never really realized the truth to this until i watched this video. We teach our students from an early they should focus on subjects like Math and English, instead of Art and Music. The children are told not to focus on art or music because they are not going to be artist or musicians when they grow up. This is killing the creativity in our students.
    I also realized the realistic words of Sir Ken Robinson when he said that today's schools start teaching students from the waste up, then move up to the head, and then to the left side of the brain. What he means is we are only exercising the left hemisphere of the brain with Math and Science instead of the right hemisphere with things like Dance and Drama. I also was fascinated by the story of Gillian Lynne and how they thought she had a learning disability because she could not sit still. In a conference between a man from the school and her mother. He embraced her creativity by encouraging her to enroll in a dance school. Thanks to this man embracing creativity Gillian ended up choreographing man plays, such as "Cats" and "Phantom of the Opera." In today's schools she would have probably been put on medicine for ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I wish we had more people embrace the arts like this unknown man did.
    Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
    In the video "Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts" Vicki Davis talks about her innovation teaching style in her classroom. I think that it is great that she is teaching her students, who are rural kids from South Georgia, cutting edge technology. In today's technologically advanced world these students are getting a head start on what is needed to be successful.
    I am also from a rural town, but was not taught these types of things in high school. Mrs. Davis is teaching her students how to create programs in her technology class. I took a technology class in high school, but all we were taught was how to type on the computer.