Wednesday, June 30, 2010

C4T (Week 4,5,6)

It Is All About Hard Work

Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. I am taking EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I was assigned to follow your blog for the next three weeks and I will be summarizing them in a post on my blog for my class. Here is a link to my blog page My Blog .

Dear Hadley,
I agree with you 100% about trying to get our students to work hard. In today’s world the students that we are teaching have always had home computers and many of them do not even know what the inside of a library looks like. Many students today do not have any patience and why should they with all the gadgets like iPods and laptops available to them? As great as these gadgets are in aiding education many people use them as a distraction from their education. I like your idea about timing the students to see how long that they can focus on particular task. I am willing to bet many of them will not last long. The first time their cell phone “dings” they will instantly check their text message.

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I think that this is great. Blogging is a great way for educators to share their insights with teaching. It can help become a better teacher. Teachers should choose their words wisely when blogging. Do not put too much information about personal life. If you decide to talk about a child do not be mean or harsh because if you put it on the internet the whole world will see. Be honest in what you post.

So Just What is A PLN?

Great Post! I thought your blog about PLN’s was very interesting. You made some really great points. I agree that a PLN can be about building a community. It is what you want it to be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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