Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Assignment Nine

"What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung

In Mr. McClung's blog there were many things that I strongly agreed with. His comments about some teachers not making their lesson plans student centered could not be more true. many lesson plans are made to make the teacher look good. We as teachers are not here for anybody but the students. As teachers we also must be very flexible because many of the lessons we create have to be modified in order to accommodate every student. I also believe that communication is a vital part to be a teacher. We must communicate with each other and share ideas so that every student is reached. We also need to be lifelong learners. there are always new ideas and new strategies becoming available and we must learn them so we can make sure every student receives the proper education.


  1. Good analysis Ashley. This post by Mr. McClung stimulates a lot of good ideas. I agree more lesson plans should be student centered. After all, students are the reason we have schools in the first place. I agree with you. As teachers we must communicate and colaborate with one another keeping the students in the center at all times. We must also be eager to learn, modeling good learning practices for our students. As you and I know, learning is a life long process and the quicker we let our students know that the better off they will be.

    Your blog is looking very good. I like your menu at the top. Keep up the good work. SS

  2. Hi Ashley,
    You are definitely right students are the reason we have schools. That is the reason we are teachers at all. We shouldn't be more worried about what our superiors say versus what our students are taking away from the lesson.

    ~Christina Motes~