Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Blog Post

Where do I even start to begin? Okay before the first class I honestly did not know what to think. All I knew was that I needed to prepare myself for a heavy work load. When starting the class I knew a little about computers and technology, but now I know a whole lot more. I can now add a link to anything that I want, I can add ALT and TITLE tags on pictures (thanks to Martha Yim's cheat sheet), I know how to use all different types of websites that are really helpful like screenjelly and screentoaster .

Advice for any student taking this class next semester would be to stay on top of all the assignments. It could be challenging to catch back up with all of your other work when you have other projects going on. Some of my favorite teachers to follow and blogs that I read were Karl Fisch , Joe McClung and Michael Wesch . Another person that was very inspirational to was Randy Pausch. I would recommend watching Randy Pausch's Last Lecture . I would also advise anyone new to make their PLN (personal learning network) as soon as possible. It makes everything so much easier to follow and helps keep you very organized. I like to use netvibes , but it is all a personal preference. Netvibes was very easy to use. I would tell anyone coming in to this EDM 310 class that google is a lifesaver. It answers everything that you need to be answered. Do not sit back and wait for someone to give the answer to you. Google it and see what you get and then if you can not get the answer then ask. You would be really surprised at how many answers you can actually get from google.

EDM 310 has been so much fun and a major brainwave. I never really thought about blogging until this class because it was not optional you had to do it. It has brought many opportunities to the table. I have leaned about so many tools that I can use one day when I become a teacher. I think that now I will use more technology in the class when I become a teacher. Technology is a very important feature in our students upcoming years. Overall I think that I stayed on top of all of my class work considering that I had six other classes. This was a great experience that I will keep for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Strange, Mr. Tashbin, Mr. Sullivan, Jamie Lynn Miller, and Anthony Capps.

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  1. I am amazed that you were able to take 6 other classes at the same time. You have provided a lot of good advice. I hope that the students next semester take it!

    Keep in touch and best wishes.