Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Final Thoughts On PLN

My PLN has been made through netvibes. I though that this was a wonderful thing to make and keep up with. I also have some of my blogs and websites that I follow on my blog. Some include: Mr.McClung's World, EDM 310 Class Blog, Have Fun Teaching, and Teach Web. The blogs and websites that I follow are very interesting. It is teachers that talk about what their experiences are as a teacher and also things that will help when I become a teacher. My PLN has made everything so much easier to follow and it has helped me stay organized. I think that netvibes is a very useful and is very easy to use. You should try it if you do not already have a PLN (personal learning network). It has given me so many opportunities. I hope to keep my PLN active even after EDM 310.

1 comment:

  1. I liked netvibes as well. I didn't use that as my focal point, but I did find it very helpful. I loved how it organized everything for you without a lot of effort. It was fun working with the many different ways to create a PLN. I think it is something that must be added to all the time. I doubt anyone can ever finish a PLN. That's like saying you're finished learning new things about people etc.