Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mr. McClung Reflects on Year 2
Mr. McClung's year two post was great. It had many interesting thoughts in it. It really makes you think of how you want your future to be. His blogs motivate me to become a better teacher. He makes everything very simple and understandable. I have enjoyed reading Mr.McClung reflection on year two.

M-Cubed:ISTE Presentation video was enjoyable to watch. All of the kids are super excited to learn. Trying to make everything fun is the best way for students to work because they do not think of it as "learning" they think it is fun. I hope to do these kinds of things in my class. I enjoyed watching this video.

The next video I watched was how to change a shape of a model maker. There are so many possibilities with the different choices in a lesson like this. You have to be creative. It seems very easy to do and also seems like a lot of fun for students.

Viewing a 3D Shape's Properties
This video has many different features that you can use. When looking at a 3D shape you can look up many different terms for each model they choose. I think that the kids will have a reat time exploring and finding out things that they can do.

Creating Shapes
This video helps students learn how to make shapes. Students will love to make their own individual shape. They can also incorporate creativity in this. It was very easy for the students to follow.

Using this in the classroom is great. Kids will have so much fun choosing what they are going o make. They can choose the color, shape, and size. The kids can even print it when they are finished making it. They will be excited that they have made something on their own. This is very fun. I enjoyed watching all of these videos and I think that they all can be very helpful in a class.

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  1. Mr. McClung definitely provides a lot of good food for thought.

    These videos on innovative ways of using technology with students are inspirational. Like you said, if you make it fun they don't even realize how much they are learning.

    Keep up the good work. SS